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We aim to provide IT solution with maximum professionalism focusing on cybersecurity, innovation and problem solving capabilities of future technology that guarantees more environment friendly energy sources, intelligent infrastructure, massive networking and streaming capabilities. In an industry where memory is becoming more affordable and chips smaller, affordable and efficient its almost the general population's right to get better solution and more innovative data sharing and presentation; That's where we come in.

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Registered as a web developer company according to Cap 499 | Section 14 in may 2012, 187CA has since been both a Consultation Firm and Solution provider in the IT industry for Businesses, Schools and other foundations.
Our latest project is based on Android, IOS and the Internet Of Things technology. It aims at digitalizing day to day school activity with flexibility to accommodate both the outgoing 8:4:4 syllabus and the new 2:6:6:3 syllabus by the Government of Kenya. This product is mostly aimed at the private sector in the Education industry in Kenya.
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What's different about Internet of Things is the fact that self aware items can process requests and return responses based on input accumulated by the machine itself during runtime as opposed to algorithm based database driven automation.

Our hardware is mostly supplied by OEM and ODM chips and devices hardware company Horus Corp.

Lead Team

Andrew W, 187CA Affilliate
I am Digital Marketing and Branding Consultant. Currently working on Google programme called DSA (Digital Skills Africa). I'm a digital skills trainer with Google in this DSA programme. Welcome to 187 where customer satisfaction is our priority.

Angela M, Sales
Having graduated from DALC Cambridge College in Computing and with vast experience in both software and hardware troubleshooting, Angela has a track record in delivering prospect friendly trading services in the field of I.T and a great team player. Welcome to 187 where customer satisfaction is our priority.

Saem N, Developer
Saem is a dev for 187CA and a python language crusader who covers IoT, mobile technology and machine language. He has had years of experience interacting with PC users while he worked as a Technician troubleshooting runtime problems on hardware, software and networking levels. He has delivered several applications for schools, tourist hotels, businesses and other foundation.

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