Operating system based applications

The internet being the connection to servers is as reliable as any other resource with guaranteed downtime. This makes the need for offline application more than a necessity. This also hands you the power to complete your important tasks on your favorite operating system.

What OS are you running?

The penetration of Microsoft Windows in PCs and Laptops is known to almost anyone IT literate. If you are already using this wonderful Operation System then we have good news for you. All editions of most of our software are known to run on both 32bit and 64bit Windows Operating Systems. Check specific software release for a list of supported Windows Versions. If you are running any version of windows server we support that too and almost all devices running the windows API.


Billions of mobile devices run Android globally, including Android TV, Android Wear and others. Neglecting this platform is like neglecting your business, all our mobile development packages include and Android App running on the current minimum requirement API with minimum required number of active user according to google stats. Get your business one of these and get your clients double tapping, shaking and doing all kinds of android gestures on business app today.

Mac OS

Businesses that run Mac OS are also supported on single Workstation Apps and Networked database solutions. Worker holics just looking to keep working across the line on their Mac Book Pro or Mac Book Air can also enjoy this new feature. Make sure to indicated the necessity of support for both environment for customized applications. You can also purchase a cross platform license for commercial apps when purchasing our off the shelves solutions.

IOS Apps

IOS devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods and others provide a good mobile platform to handle responses and submit request with the necessary authentication and an awesome UI. This is why IOS Apps are also part of our mobile app development package, this means if your business solution included any mobile app requirement then your prospect that subscribe to IOS will also enjoy your mobile presence. We put the state of the art IOS API to present your business to your client.

How much for a simple android app?


An app that does not need to submit requests and process responses can be said to be a simple app, gaming apps, bible, notepad or diary apps are among apps that can be said to run without requiring extra web services.

Why would you need a simple static app for your business or campaign? If you have a reason then the our offer price is as below, come lets work together to deliver a suitable mobile package for your business.

I want more! You can receive and process your users requests with Custom Web Services;

When the need arises for you to push notifications to your app, to receive feedback about usage and transactions we can handle this with custom web services. With an API that can handle authentication and CRUD transactions we will service the app needs to your satisfaction.

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